Why Connect ?

Connect NZ is a New Zealand owned and operated company with a 40 year track record, offices nationwide, and one of the strongest client portfolios around.

We are dedicated to shaping a better future for New Zealand businesses by adding value to them through technology. We commit to our customers and this commitment is bound by trust, innovation and performance. You can be sure that our highly skilled team will deliver the best in customer satisfaction - we always go the extra mile to bring our clients quality service and keep them up to date with their technology requirements.

Connect is your trusted technology partner

Our Values

Take your desk space PC to a room and collaborate with other people easily by sharing a large screen for everyone to view and utilising video conferencing with a high quality video camera and crisp clear audio.

Huddle rooms give you a powerful PC to work with colleagues in small to large spaces – and add in the feature to bring in video and audio call to meet with anyone outside your office potentially cutting travel costs in half and creating more efficient meetings for your team.   

Our Vision

At Connect NZ, our vision is to become a prime driver in an all-communicating world. We want to transform the way we work, the way we share information and the way we help New Zealand do business.

Our Commitment

At Connect NZ, we are committed to our customers and build first class relationships to help us provide excellent standards of service and client satisfaction. We go the extra mile to bring our clients quality service and keep them up to date on all their tech needs.