Can you hear me now?

Tired of constantly repeating this question? Let Connect eliminate it from your business. 
Connect has the most extensive range of phone systems to suit the smallest to largest of New Zealand businesses. Our team can install and maintain your phone systems so you never have trouble contacting your clients, team or overseas partners again. 

Let us take the work out of choosing a new phone system!

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Our telephony services include, phone systems - (cloud-hosted, VOIP, SIP & PBX), mobile and unified communications.

Yes, I can hear you perfectly.

For Small Business

Connect NZ believe that small businesses have the same ambitious goals as those set by large corporations.

However, SMEs have more of a need for cost-effective solutions and VoIP telephone systems are one of these solutions.

In terms of having good communication between various departments, employer and employee (as well as with clients), companies need efficient, flexible and cost-effective unified communication solutions. This is where VoIP telephone systems fit the bill perfectly. They are technically superior and offer plenty of features whilst bringing costs down. 

VoIP has become a key technology enabler that allows access to a fully integrated unified communications platform, whilst decreasing operational costs.

Connect NZ has helped organisations of all sizes take advantage of the many benefits a voice over IP solution has to offer. Connect NZ provides a range of IP phone solutions to suit your specific business requirements, including:

  • On-premise phone systems - Equipment located on your premises, using both traditional and IP technology
  • Cloud-based options - Hosted solely in the cloud with no system hardware, maintenance or expansion costs
  • Hybrid - Integrate analogue, digital and VoIP into one solution to get the best of cloud and on-premise, with a solution that blends the two together