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Kyocera is at the forefront of creating energy-saving, productivity-boosting print, copy, scan and fax devices and technologies.

At the core of the company’s commitment to the environment is the understanding that green initiatives will only succeed when they also provide economic advantage.

Its devices are designed to drastically reduce waste by offering high-speed, double-sided printing and scanning, high-capacity paper feeding and finishing, with superb colour quality.

As an Authorised Partner, we are able to provide the full range of Kyocera’s products, and have deployed them successfully into a variety of environments including airports, museums, universities and banks.

We can help you to fulfill any printer, photocopier or document requirements.

Swap throw-away consumables for life-long counterparts

Kyocera’s unique long-life drums are guaranteed to last the life of the printers they serve. Many less advanced printers still have drums incorporated into a cartridge which is replaced each time the toner runs out with drums as permanent components, organisations reduce waste and Kyocera estimate they can cut by up to 50% the amount spent on print consumables.

Fast, flexible and user-friendly

  • Device control panels allow direct access to the document management software systems into which they are fully integrated
  • 8 paper source options transform the need for time-consuming paper rotation
  • 7-bin mailbox sorters separate one user’s output from another
  • Flexible document finishing options include stapling, hole-punching and tri-folding
  • Incoming information is automatically encrypted, and auto-deleted from devices’ hard disks

3 Tier Colour

No need to lock down your colour due to fear of paying for unnecessary colour prints.

We offer the potential for three separate colour meter counters to be used to price the amount of colour used.

Print mono documents with a splash of colour at a fraction of the standard colour page cost.

Split out your colour printing into 3 different rates based on the coverage of each document printed.

It will reduce your print costs. We know because we have done it for hundreds of customers.

Remote and Onsite Support

KFS monitoring screenshot KFS monitoring screenshot

After the purchase of a document solution the actual hardware becomes less important, in fact it just does what it’s designed to do. What becomes more important is easy access to professional help, and prompt response times by local qualified technicians.

Our service agreement includes all items required to keep the device operating. Thankfully it’s unusual, but issues can occur. And if they do, our NZ based support team is just a phone call away and if required we will be onsite promptly to resolve it.

We also have the ability to monitor the equipment remotely through the award winning KYOCERA Fleet Services device management program. This enables us to remotely perform basic updates with access to the device control panel. Relevant information can be obtained and settings changed if required.

At all times we keep you informed whilst there is no compromise to your network security.

We are after all an IT and networking support provider.