Kaseya Worldwide potential Attack - 3 July 2021


Dear Customers,

RE: Kaseya Worldwide potential Attack


Out of an abundance of caution, we are advising you of an ongoing security event occurring in MSPs using on-prem Kaseya VSA.

At approximately 7:48 am this morning Kaseya International advised of a potential attack that could affect users of the product worldwide.

Kaseya has reported that some of their customers using VSA remote management and monitoring software have had their devices encrypted by REvil ransomware.

Upon advice from Kaseya Connect disabled the product with full lock down procedures at approximately 8:18 am.

Initial investigations by our technical team suggest that Connect was not affected – however we are actively monitoring the position real time including advice from Kaseya themselves and will update you as matters develop.

Connect use the software in general as a tool to monitor and deliver services to customers remotely.


Further information will be communicated as released from Kaseya.

Be well and stay safe,

Graham Brown | CEO | Connect NZ Limited



Posted 3rd July 2021